Music SMS Starter Distribution (Bronze)

 What You Get

  •  Use of the keywords: MUSIC followed by your OWN unique sub-keyword
  •  A Short Code: 45509 with a price band of R1.50 per SMS


 How Does It Work?

  •  To get your song: Your fans send the word MUSIC followed by a space and your keyword ETTA (example) and their Email address to 45509 (R1.50 Short Code)
  •  Your fans receive an auto response SMS with a link to your song, which can be downloaded or played instantly on their cell phones
  •  If your fans included an Email, your song link will also be sent via Email with the song attached
  •  All this happens automatically and in seconds, providing you with a 24/7 sales-outlet 365 days a year!


 Revenue Share

  •  Your Revenue Pay-Out :80% of revenue paid when R500 or more has been generated
  •  Your average profit per SMS is R0.60



  •  Keyword Set-up: FREE (Valid for 12 months)
  •  Monthly rental: FREE

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